A Guide To Delhi’s Best Furniture Market: Kirti Nagar

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Moving to Delhi eight years ago came with tons of emotions, baggage and never ending to-do lists. The question however was, where do I sit and process the emotions, baggage and scribble the to-do lists? The obvious answer was at a study table on a comfy chair—which I didn’t own yet. Asking around, there was one name that kept popping up—Kirti Nagar Furniture market. So the hopeful 19 year old me went, and never looked at any other furniture market since then. 

You know you’re close to the Kirti Nagar furniture block when all you see are lighting shops, carpentry residue in the air, and your inner home decor nerd getting excited as you walk into the main lane. It’s easy to get lost here and understandably so. And to avoid that, here’s the ultimate guide to the best of the best you can find in Kirti Nagar furniture market. 

LBB’s Tip: The closest metro station is Kirti Nagar on the blue line. The market is a short 500-odd meters away from the station. We’d suggest grabbing a bite to eat before you head here, and carrying a bottle of water with you. The market is pretty big, so we’d suggest cruising through the entire market before you finalise anything. 

Pro Tip: famous furniture markets in Delhi NCR, in case you're looking for more options.

Where To Shop

The sole purpose of coming to Kirti Nagar furniture market is to shop for your home. Here’s the best of best you can find when it comes to lighting, soft furnishing and upholstery to furniture. 


Soft Furnishing And Upholstery



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