Dry Fruits Bar Or Coconut Cookies: Snack Healthy With This Brand

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What Makes It Awesome

How many times have we tried cutting down on our carb intake and failed miserably? Been there, done that? While getting rid of the junk completely may sound difficult, substituting it with some healthier options is the only viable solution. Kiru is a food brand that produces healthy food options made by farm-sourced millet. Right from cultivating ingredients to manufacturing and packaging the final products, everything is done by local farmers adding to its authenticity. 

With the objective of making the consumers include millet in their diets, Kiru has come up with plenty of highly nutritional snacks like millet cookies, mixtures and bars. When you're in the mood for something sweet, you could try out their Honey & Dates Bar which is rich in fibre, proteins and vitamins. Or you could go for the Dry Fruits Bar that is a brilliant mix of almonds, cashews, raisins, jaggery and more. They also have a variety of cookies (free of any preservatives) that will make up for your snacks in between meals. Millet choco-chip, masala, crunchy coconut, almond, banana milk cookies and more. You can get these for INR 220. Apart from these, they also have a yummy mixture made of millet flakes, Bengal gram, red chilli and other spices.

Price: INR 40 onwards 


 Take it from us, once you switch to these savoury and absolutely healthy snacks, there will be no going back. The best part? You won't even feel guilty if you overindulge. You can buy these amazing snacks from Kiru right here on LBB!

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