This Home Baker's Hot Chocolate Bombs, Cakes & More Are Droolworthy

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What Makes It Awesome

Tell me if I'm wrong but the best things in life are edible. Whether you're a cake person or cookie person or someone who likes to sip on their desserts, I've found a home baker you won't be able to get enough of. Started in 2019, Konfections By Kashika's a bakery I've gone back to multiple times; I've tried a bunch of her desserts and I know ordering one of her baked treats is always a good idea. 

If you've been on Instagram these past few months, you've probably seen a hot chocolate bomb explode in a mug and wanted to have one right then. The ones from Konfections By Kashika are super duper chocolatey but not insanely sweet so I gladly finished a hot cup. She also makes cakes in a ton of flavours like blueberry cheesecake, hammer cake, chocolate cakes and dry cakes that are awesome for tea time. She also makes the most gorgeous birthday cakes that can be customised; she's made a graduation cake with a cap on top, a pastel Lego cake and the cutest yogi cake.

Ready to order your cake (and eat it, too)? You can directly contact Kashika by hitting the "Message" button here and order or ask for more details about the menu and request customisations.


Not big on sweet treats? She also makes delish dips and has a savoury menu which includes stuff like a sushi cake, chicken avocado salad and a ton of dips like hummus, pesto and more.


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