Kopi Desa In Agonda For Deadly Desserts & Drinks By The Road

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An otherwise sleepy south Goan village, Agonda, has one place you can always count on for a good time. Just five weeks old, Kopi Desa is a brekkie-to-last-beer place that serves European cuisine and mean desserts.

Kopi That?

We cracked down on the ideal scenario while chilling in south Goa: spend days lounging by the beach and nights at the bars, pubs and seafood places on the winding market road.

And Kopi Desa, in particular, is just the place to mingle {you’ll see faces you’ll start to recognise}, catch a live gig or just sip on endless cocktails.

Sewing Machine Tables & Tented Ceiling

Apart from the lovely vibe, Kopi Desa’s decor is a major win. James, the owner-cum-host and chef Daniel literally got their hands dirty while building this place…from rubble to rocking.

The exposed red brick walls, the sprouting planters, hanging old bulbs and sewing machines for table stands are great conversation starters. James tells us that he went all over Mumbai markets collecting lamps, posters and lanterns for this dream project.

So you can often find him denting/painting in the day and mixing drinks by the night. Also, this gorgeous place smells caramel-y and coffee all day. #Heaven, right?

What A Dish

While we didn’t really get to sample a lot of mains on the menu {guilty of drinking too much}, we did sample the pork ribs and avocado fritters with baby corn, both of which were big and quite intriguing.

But what we did have without fail {every single day} were the pumpkin cheesecake and chocolate tort both of which are an angel party in the mouth; absolutely divine.