Explore Korean Barbecue Like Never Before At Di Miso, Gurgaon

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With perfectly grilled meat, big plates to go around and Soju {rice liquor} to wash it all down, Di Miso sets you up for an authentic, and delicious, Korean barbecue experience.

Chow Down

Dol Sat Bi Bim Bap, So Galbi Sal

Sip On

Soju, but if you find that it’s too strong for your liking, good ol’ beer goes really well with the grills

Winning For

Super quick service, stellar food and setting you off on a culinary adventure

Lowdown On The Ambience

Step in to Di Miso, kick off your shoes and you’ll be ushered into one of their private booths {making reservations is highly recommended, or you might find yourself dining at one of their two, tiny tables}. Complete with wood panelling, sliding doors and low seating, these dining areas are good for big groups of people with even bigger appetites. The restaurant is bathed in happy, yellow light and there’s soft music playing in the background.

Traditional Korean BBQ

Every meal begins with banchan—nine small appetisers, including kimchi, bean sprouts and Korean-style braised eggs. Special mention for the seaweed—we couldn’t get enough of its crispy goodness. There’s an extensive menu with a huge variety of meats, stews and sharing plates on offer.

We ordered the So Galbi Sal {beef ribs}, Dol Sat Bi Bim Bap {rice, meat, veggies, topped off with a fried egg}, Samgyeop Sal {pork belly} and Bulgogi {a steaming pot of glass noodles and beef}. The tables are fitted with small grills so you can watch your meal being prepared right in front of you. The best way to eat the perfectly cooked meat is to wrap it in lettuce leaves, apply a generous heap of the dipping sauces {which were yummy} and take a big, crunchy bite.

We highly recommend getting a bottle of Soju for the table and enjoying sips of the sweet, vodka-like alcohol between bites.

So We’re Thinking…

That if it’s all slightly intimidating {the metal chopsticks are super slippery, too!} at first, that’s fine. You’re definitely going to leave Di Miso with a full tummy and memories of a great, unusual meal. Tucked away in Gurgaon and relatively untouched, this Korean establishment is our new go-to place when we’re craving Bi Bim Bap or we’re seeking food thrills.


 The portions are large and it’s easy to over-order, so start slow and work your way up because Di Miso is pricey.