Keepin' Up With Korean Food At This New Restaurant

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Conveniently located at Horizon Centre, Hahn’s Kitchen joins the Korean food bandwagon with a menu that’s beautifully balanced between vegetarian and non-vegetarian, and a restaurant that’s both classy and comfortable.

Step Into Their Parlour

Choose a private dining room and sit down for a meal that’s both exotic and elaborate. Gurgaon is well-versed with Korean food but, at Hahn’s, it’s been adapted to appeal to a larger audience. Start with Korean BBQ, served with banchan {accompaniments like lettuce wraps, ssamjang chilli sauce} so you can make your own wraps as you eat – they also have a mock meat version if you’re vegetarian. Carnivores, don’t miss the Chargrilled Pork Belly!

Grills aside, hop on to the fried menu – Batter Fried Prawns and Sweet & Sour Crispy Pork make for a perfect meal just as they are! They also have a small fried meats menu served with a dark, sweet Donkatsu sauce.

Big Portions For A Big Appetite

If you’re in a group, then choose the sharing platters which include everything from octopus to whelks and pork trotters and are wonderful when paired with Soju {a Korean, vodka-like liquor}. Skip the starters and go straight to the Chef’s Signature Rolls – we loved the Volcano with grilled salmon, tobiko, cucumber and chilli. They have a selection of 15 rolls, so you could make an evening of just those.

Over to the main course, they have a Mushroom Bulgogi that’s pure vegetarian, though the Calamari one is preferable if you’re a meat-eater. If you love meals in a bowl, then try their Japanese menu with Ramen style Chashu, Evidon, Katsudon and Unagi don. For noodle navigate huge menus.

So, We're Saying...

Go with a big appetite but be prepared to have dessert elsewhere unless fresh fruit platters qualify as dessert for you.


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