Hit Up Delhi Rock For Rock Climbing, Acroyoga, Aerial Silk & More

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We skipped the gym to go to Delhi Rock and our triceps, forearms, and back and shoulders wholeheartedly agree that it’s still a workout. Welcome to Delhi Rock; a rock climbing studio for beginners, novices and experts alike.

Climb Every Wall

Run by Anuraag and his trusted, former India #1 climber, Ganesh {who is also the resident coach}, they offer a host of activities, so you can spend a whole day here. Bonus: You get to see the centerpiece of Delhi Rock; a magnificent arch built for bouldering, lead climbing and aerial dance.

The shafts, pillars and walls are designed to allow for top-rope climbing, while the erstwhile parking ramp has been given an all-new character—an area where you can unwind, mingle, educate or observe.

A gym with wooden flooring has been built for floor exercises and yoga—perfect for challenging strength and agility—and even has punching bags, ropes and hoops in the back.

Roping You In

The only drawback is no air conditioners, but somewhere between paying attention to muscles you didn’t know existed and trying not to fall off the wall, you won’t notice the heat.

As for other activities, aerial silks is a winning class, and really puts that core and arm strength to test. They also offer Parkour classes. For the uninitiated, that is learning how to navigate through obstacles effortlessly and it enhances your agility as well as strength.

So We’re Saying…

The primary act here is the rock climbing, and as beginners who tried our hands, arms and feet at it, we can say that it’s perfect to improve your mindful physicality and collaboration. Also, trust your partner {well, more Ganesh}, and we promise you won’t fall. Our recommendation is sign up for a month; a day’s class only gives you but a feeler, and it’s definitely a practice you get better at with time.

Also, not to miss is the encouragement from fellow climbers, who provide all the help you need on where to put your foot next, and loud applauses even when you fail. They’ve got all the ingredients of an excellent support group.

Check out their website to know more about their one-day sessions, membership details and the pricing.


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