Ten-Second Takeaway

Tucked away in New Moti Nagar is an almost hole-in-the-wall shop, that has been serving 22 different varieties of samosas for the last 18 years.

Please, Can I Have Samo-sa?


Kumar Samose Wala opens shop as early as nine in the morning when they start preparing fresh batter and fillings, and piling them onto large metal trays. These are then deep fried perfectly over the course of the day, as per demand. And let us tell you, the demand is high. We came across some peeps who’d driven all the way from Manesar on a Tuesday morning just to gorge on these.

How Mien

The sheer variety here can get pretty overwhelming, given that there are 22 varieties of crispy golden samosas and each one sounds as interesting as its neighbour. However, after perusing the menu and finding things like Malai Chaap samosa, Punjabi Paneer samosa and Moong Dal samosa, we zeroed in on the pizza, white sauce pasta, chow mein and spicy chaap. 

We’re going to have to declare the pizza samosa our favourite: It’s the perfect combination of melted cheese, corn and peppers. The chow mein comes a close second and is a tad spicy.

We liked the pasta one for the sheer novelty, but the chaap one didn’t do much for us. Next on our to-try list? The chocolate samosa!

So, We’re Saying…

Kumar Samosa Wala is definitely worth the commute. All the samosas are perfectly crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, and they taste fresh.

#LBBTip: If you want a bite of their samosas, we’d suggest getting there early. Stocks usually run out by 7pm {at least the pizza and chow mein ones}.

Price: Starting at INR 15 for a samosa

Photos: Aarohi Mehra/LBB