We Found You 5 Stores In Lajpat Nagar For Pretty Kurtis

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Chic and comfy kurtis are every Delhi girl’s answer to bearing the humid heat and still making heads turn. We made a trip to Lajpat Nagar market to find you the best of the mess. 

Guru Nanak Cotton Fabrics

For cotton and rayon kurtis that are easy, both on the wallet and on the eyes, this modest shop next to the smaller Sabhyata store (there are two, so be careful), is full of prints and free-flow silhouettes. We loved their jacket kurtis, as well as kurti dresses with cinched waists, which would make for really comfy college wear. The prices range between INR 200 to 500. However, we mostly saw large sizes here {which can always be altered. Hello, Lajpat tailors}.

Red Oranges

This store sells only self-manufactured, cotton kurtis and is a good choice for those looking for solid colours {ready for some colour blocking?}. They have a tie up with the fashion label Pankaj & Nidhi, whose arresting designs also make their way to this store within a range of INR 3,000 to 8,000. You’re lucky if you can manage to get a hand on them – they were sold out when we arrived. We saw beautiful short kurtis here, starting at INR 499. They also sell ethnic long skirts and lycra lowers to go with your kurtis.


Aurelia has contemporary designs which are perfect for office or college-going girls. We loved the calming ambience, apart from their gorgeous collection, which had kurtis in soothing colours and minimal prints made of cotton, viscose and Liva – easy on the eyes and limited in quantity in comparison with the other stores {but definitely not in quality). They have trial rooms, so you can’t go wrong with the options here. Their price ranges from INR 900 to 2,000.

Snuggle Time - Mix & Match

In the same line as Big C, you’ll find this store selling charming kurtis in bhagalpuri, chikankari, madhubani and more, within the range of INR 700 to 4,000. It was the variety in their prints and embroideries which caught our attention. You can also buy palazzos, leggings and dupattas here. We’d recommend this one for those who prefer the quintessentially traditional look.


Narang Sons

While cotton and prints were a hit here as well, this store stood out for offering a diverse range of silhouettes and designs. Expect sets of kurtis that could be worn separately as well as together, detachable kurti-skirt sets that could be worn as dresses, and more. They also sell embellished jackets and palazzos that will be gorgeous add-ons to your kurtis.

Bonus: Sabhyata

Being one of the more popular stores in the market, this was the sole store where we found stunning georgette kurtis, along with all the cotton fabrics. They’re crowded, and for good reason. The stuff you’ll find here is more elegant in taste, with plenty of variety. They have two stores {and a third one may be on its way} and their price ranges from INR 499 to 5,000.


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