Ten-Second Takeaway

In the busy lane of Adhchini Village, Jail House Cafe {previously known as Kuzart Lane} stands as a saviour with its cool decor, delicious food and vibrant interiors—and it’s easy on the pocket too.

Must Eat

Barbeque Chicken Steak, Peri Peri Chicken Burger, Red Pepper Sauce Pasta

Must Drink

Toblerone Shake, Kiwi Mojito, Green Apple Soda

Lowdown On The Ambience

These guys recently underwent a makeover and the decor’s in sync with a jail {OITNB, anyone?}. The menu however remains the same but they’ve added a new Chinese section.

What We Loved

3The plain boring walls have been revamped and now they have cool pop art on the walls. They get brownie points for their food presentation too. And oh, their chicken medley is served with Mexican rice that is an absolute delight.

The BBQ Chicken steak comes with rich gravy and perfectly barbequed tender chicken, served with mashed potatoes and a salad; this is a must-eat.

What Didn’t Impress Us

Their bathroom, which is located on the roof of the three-floored café.

What Is The Best Time To Visit?

4Sunday brunch or for an evening snack—or whenever you need to fulfil your burger cravings. Parking is a major concern in this area, but they have valet services, so you don’t have to worry too much.

#LBBTip: If you visit before 6pm, you can avail a student or corporate discount.

PS: They host various events from time to time to raise awareness or collect funds for social causes; it’s worth calling up and inquiring beforehand in case you’re interested in attending these.

Photos courtesy: Jail House Cafe