Sort Out The Food At Your Next House Party With This Brand's Menu

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What Makes It Awesome

I love DIY kits, not always the raw to cooked ones but the ones where you assemble the dish just the way you like it. Perfect sauce to pasta ratio, perfectly crisp pizza, chef’s special dishes made to order in a sense, it’s so liberating and super fun too. So, when I got to know that one of my favourite chefs, Chef Aman Jaiswal had a catering service, I told him that I wasn’t hosting parties but I would love to have his food once more, he sent me the finest handmade pasta in mushroom sauce and one with a pumpkin sauce. His prowess was so evident, the French training was obvious, deep flavours of mushrooms, the light sweetness of fresh pumpkin and handmade ravioli just how it should be. He also sent me a mince lamb flatbread, reminiscent of a Lahmacun that I wish I could have again! He’s established La Marinate in one of the toughest times the F&B industry has seen with a strong belief in ‘good ingredients’ make ‘good food’!

Keeping in mind the no cuisine bar, La Marinate works on different menu's every few days. The model of the Kitchen comprises of different types of food every week. From Grills to Flatbread to pastas & paella and lots more. The concept is broken between three divisions - weekend delivery, B2B and Bespoke Catering. The Kitchen has a new Weekend Delivery Menu every week along with some of chef’s special recipes, though bespoke Catering is La Marinate's core strength. The team is fully prepared, with all ingredients and elements required to cook you a special meal, from your very own kitchen if that’s the kind of catering you’re looking for, so the entire experience with La Marinate is customizable. Business to Business, La Marinate's third division and backbone keeps their Chef's busy cooking selective dishes for other Restaurants, Caterers and Eateries. It’s the perfect combination of expertise in various cuisines with an emphasis on French Italian. So, the next time you have an intimate get together or a large party, don’t worry about the food, all you need is La Marinate at your service.


Chef Aman’s history goes back to some of the finest gourmet restaurants of the city and he is always working on new recipes and menus, you can suggest what you want on your menu or you can let him decide, either way you’re going to have a stellar culinary experience right in the comfort of your own home!

Chef & Mommy! Personal Mantra: eat, run, repeat 💪🏼