Bellissimo! Gobble Up Stellar Italian Food By La Piazza

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What Makes It Awesome

 Well-known for delicious wine and food pairings (they have a huge Italian vino list), the menu has also grown to accommodate traditional Italian dishes, primarily from Bologna and Milan.

We definitely recommend their Fusilli Con Pesto Di Olive Nere (Fusilli with black olive pesto, spinach, tomato in creamy garlic sauce), along with Costine de Agnello Alla Griglia, which is a grilled lamb chop with sautéed spinach, roasted potato and Chianti sauce. Both the Fusilli pasta and grilled lamp chop are very filling; the lamb was tender and flavourful, while the pasta was a great balance of creaminess and spice. 

Other than these two dishes, we suggest you definitely give their Insalata Di Asparagi e Salmone Affumicato (an asparagus and smoked salmon salad) a go. If you're wondering what to order for starters, we suggest both their new additions - Shrimp nuggets with chickpea truffle mouse and Sardinian bread & their roasted cuttlefish spiced tomato sauce, mint, green sauce. Also, do not miss out on their Potato Gnocchi which is cooked in a four cheese sauce (again, one of the most loaded & creamy dishes to try)! 

For dessert, do try their Pear and Dark Chocolate Tart, and Chocolate Mouse with Forrest Berry Sauce. But if you're a die hard Tiramisu fan, then there is no place better than La Piazza to go treat yourself.

Save this one for cheat day, folks! Also, here is some great news for you all, La Piazza is now home delivering at up to 5 kms of distance from their location. And of course, they follow WHO guidelines, so rest assured because the food is safe and hygienic.

Price: INR 4,500 for two people


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