This Artist Does Intricate Artwork By Pen Alone & You Can Buy It On T-Shirts, Notebooks & More

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Artist Sandeep Kumar does the most detailed artwork ever {using just one pen and a piece of paper} about everything from Game Of Thrones creatures to Royal Enfield bikes—and you can buy it all printed on affordable merch.

Doodles With Detail

Sandeep started Labartry almost by chance. The designer and founder of the small, offbeat label Vastralab in Shahpur Jat found himself doodling into the night with nothing but a dark gel pen in his toolbox. As he drew more and more on the regular, the artwork became more and more elaborate, and {as a result}, more refined. It was only when multiple people started asking if they could get his pieces either in print form or on something {think wearable/décor merch} that Sandeep decided to start printing it up on things and retailing it.

The cool designs, inspired by everything from The House Of Stark {GOT} to The Dark Knight and even just cool, quirky owls and trippy chakras,  are both unique and beautifully detailed. Check the platform’s Insta handle out for cool videos of him drawing them, and for upcoming prints that’ll soon make it onto merchandise. What we love about the aesthetic is that it’s been kept clear and simple; the stark black lines on the crisp, white background work well; unfussy, and equally amenable to multiple tastes. The monochrome vibe also works in it’s favour, because the detailing pops a lot better on a clean background.

So, We're Saying

Great for a gift, or even just to get yourself a little graphic somethin’-somethin’.

T-shirts Start at 799
Other Merchandise Starts at 299

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