This Janpath Store Has 'Scarved' A Special Place In Our Heart

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What Makes It Awesome?

Janpath is a gift that keeps on giving, and this store—filled to the brim with scarves—is no exception.

House of Scarves is a store in Janpath that boasts of an unparalleled and varied collection, ranging from INR 20 to INR 15,000. Yes, you read that right. This shop, probably older than the average millennial (me), has scarves ranging from cotton to cashmere to pure pashmina. The owners of the shop take a lot of pride in the fact that everything in there is manufactured by them themselves—and they cater to all kinds of customers, be it retail, wholesale or exports.

They even went ahead to say that there wouldn’t be a type of scarf or stole that wouldn’t be available in their shop, but somewhere else in the country. While I think that may have been a mild exaggeration. Their main aim has been to bring international styles to Indian soil, and they also indirectly supply to many famous fashion houses across the country.

The stoles that start at INR 20 are a fabric that suits neither summer nor winter, honestly. So I wouldn’t push you to make the trip to the store for those. But definitely, definitely go for their collection of wool, cashmere and acrylic stoles.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

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