Embark On A Himalayan Food Adventure At The Lama Kitchen

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What Makes It Awesome

This hidden gem in the heart of HKV boasts of serving the best Himalayan cuisine in the city, and can easily give some of the bhawans a serious run for their money. The Pork Momos are so juicy that you need to be careful of all the drippy bits, and the Sukuti Buff Fry is so crispy and flavorful that your mouth will start watering. The highlight was the Nepali Thali with an option of pork or mutton and the Tibetan Mixed Thukpa which is a house speciality.
The service is impeccable so you won't have to wait around for the food. The staff is courteous and prompt.
All in all, I have one word for it: Pork-fect!

What's My Pro Tip?

I suggest you give them a call to book a Thali as they run out soon.

Anything Else?

There's beer!
Yes, they have White Rhino and Bira to wash it all down, so remember to save space for some.

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