Armenian Delights At Lavaash By Saby

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A sprawling space at Ambavatta One in Mehrauli, Lavaash brings the best of Armenian cuisine {with Bengali influences} to the table. The brainchild of chef Saby, the restaurant is not just pretty, but heaven for all Delhi foodies.

Chow Down

Iranian Lamb Koobideh, Spicy Chicken in Georgian Walnut Sauce

Sip On

Blast Furnace, Smoking Chimney

Winning For

The beautiful indoor and outdoor seating area, slow music and innovative cocktails are perfect for a first date {or any date for that matter}. The food is brilliant and even better when chef Saby narrates an anecdote from his childhood that influenced a certain preparation.

Colourful And Bold

Too many bright colours and patterns can sometimes be an eyesore, but Lavaash manages to maintain the balance. The indoor seating area is spacious and comfortable, but it is the outdoor area that won us over. Nights over here are perfect for get-togethers and the green cover around the area results in the place never really getting too hot.

The service is always fast, even on busy days and the music is always at a volume that doesn’t interfere with your conversation.

Delightful Dining

Passion is the keyword here. Both, chef Saby and chef Megha are passionate about what they do, and it shows. We started with their signature lavash, hummus, and went on to taste the Iranian Lamb Koobideh, Kabiraji cutlet, and the mutton puff. Each dish, unique in its taste, impressed us equally, but it was the Iranian Lamb Koobideh that won our hearts.

From the mains, we tried the prawn claypot casserole and the spicy chicken in Georgian walnut sauce. While the prawns were packed with flavour and were cooked to perfection, it was the chicken preparation that we would recommend {we ordered that twice!}.

We called for the Blast Furnace and Smoking Chimney from the drinks menu; our favourite was the Smoking Chimney {and we know you’d love it too}.

Desserts here are just amazing and we couldn’t choose what to recommend, since they were all so good.

So, We’re Thinking…

Lavaash might be a bit expensive, but it is definitely worth the money. Unlike the many beautiful properties in the area that fail to deliver in terms of both quality and portions, Lavaash is a delightful experience.


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