So many of us savour Italian food. The garlic-y flavor of the sauces, the earthiness of the oregano- okay, we’ll stop before we’re drooling on our keyboards. We’re showing you how to replicate those flavours at with Chef Ricci, the new Italian chef at K3, JW Marriott.

Ricci for Ravioli

20 lucky sign-ups will enjoy a session with the very talented chef. Not to worry- he loves to keep his flavors simple, so you won’t have too much to work with when you’re recreating the dishes at home. The dishes in question? Salmon Ravioli, Pizza al Prosciutto e Pomodorini, Italian Tomato Bruschetta, all demonstrated by him. He’ll even teach you the most elegant way to plate them; consider that you’ll be all set to host an Italian soiree.

Learning by doing

As a finishing touch, he’s going to share his secret recipe for the timeless Tiramisu with you. At this point in the game, you get to dabble in the ingredients and create it as he takes you through it. A hands-on approach- we love it.

Sign up and get that apron ready, folks. Let’s cook, or as they say in Italian, lascia cuoco!

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