We at LBB agree that good food makes us more efficient at work {a nice walk or a cuppa keeps us awake of course}. Our HQ recently shifted to East of Kailash and we’ve already scoured the area for food which we can’t resist.

Here’s a list of places that deliver some amazing food while we go about the daily grind.

Monday Motivation

Salad Days

Photo courtesy: Salad Days

Photo source: Salad Days

When counting calories at work {though this happens rarely}, this one tops our list. Their menu includes a beautiful range of fruit salads with candied walnuts, pasta salad bowls, and traditional non-vegetarian and vegetarian options. They tell us they grow their veggies themselves, and we’re happy to report they arrive fresh at our desks.

What To Order: Asian Noodle Salad, Earth Song Iced Tea, Wild Berries Smoothie

Mr Sub

This Canadian chain has left us wanting for more each day, especially at times when we’re craving some fresh bread with lots of toppings tucked inside, and topped with some secret sauces {as they call them}. Consistent quality and ace packing {we are picky when it comes to deliveries } is what we love about the subs.

What To Order: Spicy Vegetable Patty Sub , Spicy Sambal Veggie, Spicy Sambal Chicken Meatballs, Tandoori Chicken Tikka

Mid-Week Cravings

Bengal Sweet Center

Photo source: MaharajaMandy via Wikimedia commons

Photo source: MaharajaMandy via Wikimedia commons [CC BY-SA 4.0]

An all rounder at satisfying taste buds, this one is one of our all-time favorites. Their portions are satisfying and completely worth every rupee.

What To Order: Chola Bhatura, Pav Bhaji, Paneer Pakoras, Jaljeera

Big Wong XL

Quick Chinese {authentic desi mix} packed and delivered to perfection, anyone? We find their food goes well with a bottle of Thums Up.

What To Order: Thai Basil Chilli Garlic Rice, Hot Garlic Chicken , Exotic Vegetables In Black Bean Sauce

Snack Time

The Crunch Box

Photo courtesy: The Crunch Box

Photo courtesy: The Crunch Box

Our all time favorite go to snack is fresh-flavoured popcorn from Crunchbox. The newest kid on the delivery block, this one is what keeps us going through the day.

What To Order: Chunky Munky Cheese, Warm Caramel Crunch

Hot Paprika

Midday hunger pangs are best cured by this Chinjabi joint right around our office. They are best known for their momos {both steamed and fried}. We love them because their quantities are overwhelming and the prices are low, though beware of the spice level {which they’re happy to customise, as well}.

What To Order: Tandoori Non Veg Momo, Veg Spring Rolls, Non Veg Fried Momo



Photo source: Instapizza

Photo source: Instapizza

Pizza, of course! And nothing beats Instapizza’s Monster Deep Dish when you’re craving some carbs, cheese and meat. Make it a party by pairing this with a pint of chilled beer.

What To Order: Galleria Special, Farmer’s M`arket, Garlic Twists With Asian Garlic Dip , Monster Deep Dish

Continental Dhaba

When craving the typical butter chicken and dal makhni meal, our neighbourhood bestie comes to the rescue. Well known for their rolls , this place is reserved for our “Celebration Fridays”. Continental Dhaba is ideal for when you need to feast out without burning holes in your pocket.

What To Order: Dal Makhni, Butter Chicken, Paneer Roll, Mutton Seekh Roll

Featured Photo courtesy: Salad days