For Old Times' Sake: LBB Picks The Most Iconic Delhi Bakeries Of All Time

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Over the years, we have seen numerous bakeries come up and have feasted on delicious treats from various home bakers, but these iconic Delhi bakeries we’ve grown up with still have a special place in our hearts. So, take a walk down memory lane and maybe hit up these bakeries soon, for old times’ sake.

Defence Bakery

Defence Bakery has been around for ages, first setting up shop in Defence Colony and then expanding to areas like M Block in GK 2, Panchsheel Enclave, and Chattarpur. While they do savoury items brilliantly (their sandwiches and sausage rolls are fantastic), they are winning hearts for their desserts. The bakery is known for its French Hearts, walnut pie, gooey blueberry muffins and their freshly baked breads are to die for.


Maxim’s has remained a favourite with their consistent quality and service. With delicious mini-pizzas, cold coffee, and seekh kebabs, making room for dessert is pretty tough here. But if you’re heading straight for the sweet stuff, they do so much we love. For starters, their apple pie, chocolate chip pastry, and Irish coffee pastry are our favourites. We love their customised cakes too, they can do practically anything for you.


Wenger’s in CP is an old favourite across age groups. Wenger’s eclairs, the cookie section (they have a wide variety), and lemon and chocolate tarts are exactly what you should eat here. You can always find their chocolates in our homes. As for their savoury stuff, the chicken patties and giant shammi kebabs never disappoint.

Ye Old Bakery

Established in 1982, Ye Old Bakery continues to offer delightful desserts to Delhi folks. With its signature corn pudding done to perfection and the delectable Bitter Chocolate Cake, Ye Old has always been a part of all celebrations. Its Victorian-era ambience also makes it the ideal hangout spot.


Anjlika is one of the oldest bakeries in the city, the original outlet being in Karol Bagh. They do delicious pastries, shakes, and patties (both aloo and chicken). Their rum cakes, chocolate cookies, and red velvet pastries are just a few of the things we love here. If you grew up in Delhi, chances are you’ve had their cakes at birthday parties as a child. They also do the most amazing biscotti, so be sure to pick some up the next time you go there.

Nik Baker's

While this one isn't that old, the desserts at Nik Baker's are our comfort food and we can always trust the bakery to satiate all our sweet cravings. From cookies to tarts, their dessert options have a huge variety and you'll be spoilt for choice! We recommend the KitKat Cream Cake, Fresh Fruit Cream Cake, or NY Cheesecake.