Talk about world domination. If anyone had to rate the dynasty with the biggest global footprint, Chinese food has got to be it. While it has travelled all over the world, in no two countries does it taste the same. Kung Pao Chicken is an American standard, while American Chopsuey is something that we made up here, entirely in India. We’ve scouted our favourite joints for Chinese takeout and delivery, carefully skimming over any dodgy places which insist that haldi-mirch has a rightful place in our order. This is LBB’s Best Of Chinese Takeout.



Go Kylin 

In true Delhi style, this one has famous relatives {of Kylin Premier fame.} Besides the pretty evolved menu, we love Go Kylin for their Zero Oil dishes called out specially on the menu as well as the tendency to go light on batter before light frying. So even when you’re being kind of bad, it’s all good. The Tofu Star Anise is glorious, as is the foolproof Prawns Chilli Garlic.

Where: Golf Course Road, Sector 54

Contact: +91-9599505505 / +91-9599404405

For more information: Click here

Price: INR 1400 for two

Big Wong

Although it occupies a cozy corner in both Galleria and South City 2, there’s nothing like scooping up a spoonful of their superb Seafood Soup in a cozy corner of your own couch. We’re going for the Pan Fried Noodles and the Braised {ooh fancy} Mix Mushroom and Pokchoi in Chilli Oyster Sauce. Gurgaon has two locations; luckily, two Wongs do make a right.

Where: Baani Square, Sector 50 and Galleria, DLF Phase IV

Contact: +91-124-4233331

For more information: Click here

Price: INR 1000 for two


Despite a gruff{ish} exterior, the menu reads like a fine-dining Asian establishment. Besides their Jade Chicken Soup which is seriously good, we love their fairly elaborate section of Dim Sum which covers Asian Veg Kothey, Minced Lamb with Spring Onions and Steamed King Prawn with Chives & Bird’s Eye Chilli. Yes, they do good old Honey Chilli Potatoes too if that’s what rocks your world. You say potato, I say…

Where: Near Ardee City, Sector 52, Gurgaon

Contact: +91-8527362121 {or order on the Android or iOS app!}

For more information: Click here

Price: INR 1000 for two

Chin Chin

Chin Chin 

What do we love even more than a menu with pictures in it? A special on-request-only menu meant for expatriates from China who miss home food {and others with similar sentiments}. Authentic much? Yes sir. The dishes vary slightly, so you can traipse between doesn’t-get-more-real-than-this Chinese and the kind that is awesomely comforting in its local modifications. Also, we say bring back menu with pictures. It’s a lost art.

Where: Ground Floor, Sector 29 Market, Gurgaon

Contact: +91-124-4200888

For more information: Click here

Price: INR 1400 for two

Wai Yu Mun Ching 

Or shall we say, why on earth not? Besides the cheeky name that sounds vaguely Oriental but is not at all, we’ve come to love this one for its consistent performance when a certain kind of hunger strikes. The humble Hot & Sour soup is mildly peppery, and wonderfully brilliant. Our special discovery is the Fish in Choice of Sauce. Wait for the good part; we always get the Wine Soy Chilli Garlic. Or Soya Lime Chilli Wine. Just say these words in any random order and they’ll know what you mean.

Where: DT Mega Mall and DLF Phase IV and Sector 14 , Gurgaon

Contact: +91-9278000024

For more information: Click here

Price: INR 800 for two


Side Wok

They do a whole bunch of South East Asian cuisines, but the Chinese with a certain Indian touch, hits the spot. Our recommendation is skip the sushi, get the crispy chicken honey and chilly, the roast pork sichuan and the clay pot {ask for sticky rice}.

Where: P 21/90, Outer Circle, Connaught Place, 3/48 Malcha Marg and 45, Khan Market

Contact: 01143509122 {CP}, 01146068122 {Chanakyapuri} and 01143587122 {Khan Market}

Golden Dragon

Golden Dragon

If we had to pick a pioneer, it would be Golden Dragon. Ain’t no one spells Indian Chinese comfort food like Golden Dragon, and their well meaning staff. Biggest hits still go to Lemon Chicken, Chili Chicken Boneless, that mixed fried rice, and the Sweet Corn Chicken Soup. We’d recommend avoiding it for parties and dinners involving anyone but  hungover best friends and family members whose cook didn’t show up that day.

Where: Find out nearest you, and their contact, here. 

Mainland China 

A great deal for team lunches, corporate brunches and all you can eat options, Mainland China also home delivers. From personal experience, the dim sums tend to lose flavour by the time they reach you, but mains stay as delish. Also honey noodles; order just so you can get those.

Where: Greater Kailash, Plot 4, Local Shopping Centre, Masjid Moth

Contact: 0113105128

Happy Hakka

Think more munchie, functional and less fine-dine, elaborate luncheon options. Perfect for a crew of college kids playing hooky, and/or a quick corporate take-away. The vegetarian dim sums are a must order, and do this, try all accompanying sauces. Go for a pre designed combo for good food at great value.

Where: Find out nearest you, and its contact here. 

Asian Haus

Asian Haus

This one is legit, great food. And a special mention to their customer service, we know one too many people who were more than compensated for order errors, and/or issues with the food. Also, Gurgaon peeps, their new Sushi delivery service-A1. As for the Chinese, there’s few things they don’t get right, but for recommendation sake, we’re big fans of the Asian print rolls kung pao chicken, mama’s mutton and the crispy spinach. Also, they have a special catering division, incase your home delivery game is super strong.

Where: 76/2, Near Iskcon Temple, Sant Nagar {delivery only}

Contact: 01165800500


With multiple outlets most DU kids will know the joy of a Berco’s meal, AKA hakka noodles with a side of nostalgia. Again, falling more on the Indian Chinese side of the fence, the food is perfect for more relaxed get-togethers and casual lunch/dinners. The American Chopsuey: best.

Where: Find out nearest you, and their contact, here.