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#LBBEvent: Lowdown On AlphaBounce Treasure Hunt With adidas

Astha posted on 29 December

We didn’t approach the likes of Ethan Hunt for it, but we did orchestrate a hunt of our own, and over 100 people chose to accept our mission. Why, you ask? Simple; adidas’s latest offering, the AlphaBounce, was up for grabs along with a chance to test your knowledge about Delhi. The mission; 12 clues, 10 starting points, 12 iconic spots in CP, 12 teams, one winning team, and dinner and drinks for 150 people at the last clue point.

The hunt began from 10 different adidas stores across the city and took all the participants on a ride they would remember. The games included fitness tasks, cracking clues, teamwork and a lot of high adrenaline moments.

Think you know your city well? Try and crack these clues, then.

Clue 1
No sweat, it's just begun
All the way to the center of the city you need to run
We’ll see you under the tricolour
Drive or ride, you decide
Try to reach before the sky changes colour

Clue 2
A few hundred years, a thousand steps
See you here to test your fitness
A circuit again, there will be reps
So now you know, we mean business

Clue 3
It's time to get a dose of caffeine
Behind the flea market called People’s Street
Think message in a bottle
Time to get on your feet

Clue 4
Passion for sports comes first
Fitness and stamina you have to show
If you put two and two together
You’ll know where to go

Clue 5
I help you run, I make you look good
My home is in N Block, understood? 

Clue 6
Silver screen junkies, you ought to know this place
If you’re feeling social, maybe it’ll be in your face

Clue 7
You have the money, lets see you use it
Buy 10 souvenirs, and let's experiment with chai

Clue 8
Bakery and a café mixed into one
This place is a foodie’s heaven
Famous for its shamis
No cards here, only cash is taken

Clue 9
No onion, no garlic here
Food for thought is all you get there

Clue 10
Caffeine keeps us united
It houses an old-world charm
We know history is boring
But it never brought us any harm

Clue 11
Going back to the nursery and testing the alphabet
Two square plus 1, oh we just threw in some math as well
Home is where the heart is
Hop skip bounce, you’re close to the prize

Clue 12
Well done, you’re so close
So it's time for your final LBBTip
You’ve done the bounce for the Alpha
Now just hop, skip and Flyp

Done? Check the right answers below:
1. India Flag, CP, 2. Agrasen Ki Baouli, 3. DePaul's Coffee, Janpath 4. Fitness First, A Block, 5. adidas store, N Block, 6. Odeon, 7. Chaayos, 8. Wengers, 9. Jain Book Depot, 10. United Coffee House, 11. adidas store, E Block, 12. Flyp@MTV

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