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#LBBGiveaway! Bring Spring to Your Wardrobe with Marks & Spencer

Ipsita posted on 06 March

We at LBB love the winters, but like every other good thing winters too come to an end, but thankfully, not before giving in to the spring season—when the weather’s perfect for long walks, the flowers are in full bloom, and things just happen to get slightly cheerier {or so we like to believe}.

For this Women’s Day, we’re giving all you lovely folks the chance to win a gift voucher worth INR 5,000 for the Spring '16 collection at Marks & Spencer. The timing’s only perfect. {And even if it wasn’t, there’s never really a bad time to get some new clothes in your wardrobe, is there?}

A Pretty #Springin Wardrobe

When we think of a gorgeous spring wardrobe, we’re picturing maxi dresses, jumpsuits, skirts, and the occasional light jacket for chilly evenings. Marks & Spencer’s new collection has got all that and more.

The silhouettes are relaxed yet tailored, keeping things simple and elegant. Expect palettes ranging from whites and soft blushes to deep earthy tones, and the occasional pop of colour, and prints in bold florals.

Now would be the perfect time to give your wardrobe a little bit of a spring cleaning, don't you think?

Great! What Do I Have to Do?

This one's a ladies' special, so here goes: Tell us about that one awesome woman in your life who brings #springin your life, and that one incident when she made you absolutely ecstatic.

Of all the heartwarming entries we receive, we'll choose the best one, who will win a gift voucher worth INR 5,000 to shop from Marks & Spencer's Spring '16 collection.

So, who's this super special woman in your life? Tell us already!

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