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#LBBPicks: Nehru Jackets And Bow Ties From Mr Button

Jayati posted on 29 August

Ten-Second Takeaway

Mr Button is a menswear brand offering classic yet contemporary options for casual wear that can easily double up as formal wear.

What We Love

This Noida-based brand is solving issues for men who do not like to go out to shop, and has us going gaga over their suave clothing line and accessories. They feature everything from boxers, blazers, shoes, ties and bow ties to even bags {including laptop bags} to formal suits.

Here our top picks from their collection.

The Innerwear

A highly understated shopping space for men, we love Mr Button’s collection of boxers, briefs and trunks. From their Aztec prints, floral combinations, striped candy {our favourite} to plain and simple trunks; we are loving how affordable and colourful the collection is.

Buy it here.

Price: INR 500 to INR 600


We love this concept of joggers, which is basically a cross between the chinos and trousers {perfect for a casual outing}. Want some formal wear for work? Go joggers. Want to head to a pub post-work for drinks? Joggers!

They are minimally designed, and are also a good choice for a night out in the town.

Buy them here.

Price: INR 1,319 upwards

Nehru Jackets

What other menswear brands lack in, Mr Button makes up for in plenty. They’re offering a section dedicated purely to Nehru jackets {jackets for the summer}, which are as much in fashion for causal wear as the saree {perfect for special occasions and festivals}.

Buy them here.

Price: INR 1,619 upwards

Laptop Sleeves

For men, we recommend the simple and elegant laptop sleeves Mr Button has to offer. We’re especially loving the Perfect Destiny and the Brit Vibe Tweed laptop sleeves for the subtle colours and minimal design.

Buy them here.

Price: INR 779 upwards

Ties And Bows

Tired of scouring malls after malls to gift the perfect tie to your partner/father {or perhaps to buy one for yourself for the super important meeting coming up}? Find a diverse collection of ties as well as bow-ties you’ll love at Mr Button. Apart from the normal, they also have a bunch of square-edged ties in a range of colours; for the sober as well as the outrageous shopper.

Buy them here.

Price: INR 999 upwards {Bows}, INR 1,199 upwards {Ties}

So, We’re Saying…

Their website is really easy to browse, with handy sections divided into different types of apparel. What we really liked was their lookbook, which basically has suggestions and guides for patrons to pick up the specific things they’re looking for.

They deliver pan-India, and often have great deals going on the website, so shop away!


They deliver everything in really cool wrapped up boxes, along with a note for the customers. Plus, if you aren’t satisfied with what you get, politely call them up and they’ll sort it out for you.

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