#LBBPicks: Thai Restaurants In Gurgaon

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If you’re in #Gurugram and craving a bowl of coconutty Thai curry with fragrant jasmine rice but don’t know where to head, we have you covered. Here’s our list of Thai restaurants in Gurgaon, with our own recommendations of what to order beyond the generic Thai curry.

Asian Haus

One of our favourite delivery places, Asian Haus wins when it comes to pretty packaging—we usually don’t even feel like opening it if it wasn’t for the tempting aroma of the food inside. They do a mix of Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, Malaysian and Japanese, and we highly recommend ordering their Khao Suey while you’re at it.

PS: Asian Haus now has a new healthy menu, in case you’re looking to cut down on those calories.

What To Order: Som Tum Salad, Char-grilled Chicken Satay

Thai Pavillion

One of the classiest and most popular Thai restaurants in Gurgaon, Thai Pavillion is famous for never disappointing its guests. While it’s a little on the more expensive side {though being a part of the Taj group, that doesn’t come as a surprise}, their hospitable service and high-quality food makes sure it’s worth the splurge. Feel free to voice your preferences to the staff while you’re there, whether it’s about the amount of spices or your dislike for certain vegetables or meats, or anything else really.

What To Order: Lamb Shanks, Vegetable Stir Fry, Lemon Crab

Orange Chopsticks

This one’s popular for both Chinese and Thai, and we especially love their ‘Make your own bowl’ concept, which is essentially a fulfilling bowl with your choice of noodles or rice, a vegetarian or non-vegetarian main, and curry. Their Dimsum Dozen section is pretty tempting, too, with one portion of assorted dim sums {plate of 12} starting at INR 269.

What To Order: Green Curry, Asian Mango Salad, Crispy Thai Moneybags

Neung Roi

If you’re looking for a crash course in Thai cuisine, Neung Roi is for you. They’ve created an assorted menu inspired by the different regions of Thailand, and the result is delicious, to say the least. We recommend ordering a salad for sure {they’ve got a huge variety}, followed by some meaty mains and, of course, Thai curry. The stir fried tofu here is also surprisingly good.

What To Order: Morning Glory, Tub Tim Krob {water chestnut dessert}, Grilled Chicken with Cilantro

Red Hot Cafe

Can good things actually come in small packages? Rred Hot Cafe seems to suggest so. This tiny restaurant in Sushant Lok whips up some of the most delish food we’ve tasted. Right from their soups and curries to their starters and mains, they’ve kept it simple and tasty. They also have a dedicated tofu section, which doesn’t particularly excite us, but is impressive for sure. Their Chinese is worth trying, too.

What To Order: Thai Chicken Omelette, Arabian Honey Cake, Lamb Massaman

Thaichi Street

Located at Baani Square, Thaichi Street is another gem for Thai and Chinese cuisine, and we hear their Thai curries and Khao Suey are to die for. Add the sautéed greens, spring rolls and Bangkok fish cakes to that, and you’re all set for a gastronomically satiating time.

What To Order: Lamb Massaman Curry, Thai Corn Cakes

The Monk

The Monk promises a classy dining experience complete with a view {of the atrium}. Generous portions and a vast menu with equal emphasis on vegetarian and non-vegetarian make this the ideal destination when you’re eating out in a group. They also do a lovely coconut caramel ice cream. Yum.

What To Order: Penang Style Koey Teow, Green Tea Noodles



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