We know a lot of restaurants in the city can get a little tricky for our physically-disadvantaged friends, which is the reason celebrations sometimes don’t end up including everyone.

This can cause hurt and irritation, so we decided to put together a list of some of Delhi’s best wheelchair-friendly restaurants, as recommended by Nipun Malhotra, CEO of Nipman Foundation.


Photo source: Guppy

Photo source: Guppy

Situated in Lodhi Colony Market, Guppy is colourful, quirky and on the ground floor. We go here for the cocktails, sushi and Katsu Curry.

Their home-made ice cream is delightful; we love the strawberry-cheesecake one.



Photo source: Tres Restaurant and Bar

Tres is beautiful in candlelight, and the food even more so. When the weather’s playing nice, take a seat outside. The menu here is a mix of Italian and European. We especially love the Chorizo Filled Pan Fried Chicken.

Don’t forget to sample their vast range of wines. Also, their Sunday brunch is one of the best things you can do to yourself.


Photo source: Set'z

Photo source: Set’z

Emporio, in general, is quite wheelchair-friendly. Once you’re done shopping from some of the best brands out there, lunch at SET’Z should be on your itinerary.

They have 12 expat chefs and are constantly evolving the menu across cuisines. It might be worth your while to indulge in some frosted cupcakes and tiramisu here.

The People & Co.

Photo source: The People and Co.

Photo source: The People and Co.

When you’re looking for great food, drinks and entertainment, there’s few places that please as much as The People & Co. They do stand-up comedy at least thrice a week, and always have packed schedules as they feature comedians from across the country. They also have some great boozy deals. On Tuesdays, for example, you get unlimited Ballantine’s for INR 500.

The ground floor of Cyber Hub is, in general, pretty wheelchair-accessible, and includes some great restaurants like Farzi Cafe and SodaBottleOpenerWala.


Photo source: Fio - Country Kitchen and Bar

Photo source: Fio – Country Kitchen and Bar

The Garden of Five Senses provides a gorgeous backdrop to Fio, and the pebbled floor, candles and sangria make it a perfect dinner venue. And yes, you can wheel in your wheelchair {with the slightest bit of help from the staff} and start ordering your baby potatoes and maple fish right away.

Please, wash it down with a glass of their in-house sangria.

Cafe Lota

Photo source: Cafe Lota

Photo source: Cafe Lota

Cafe Lota sits on an elevation inside the Handicrafts Museum, but they’ve got a ramp  to themselves. They’ve got a quaint outdoor area, complete with coolers in the summer, and a fun regional menu including a stellar Palak Patta Chaat, prawn curry, mutton fry, Apple Cinnamon Jalebi and our favourite, Bhapa Doi Cheesecake.

Indian Accent

Photo source: Indian Accent

Photo source: Indian Accent

Indian Accent has a full-fledged ramp for wheelchairs, and we wouldn’t expect any less from chef Manish Mehrotra’s restaurant. Opt for the Chef’s Tasting menu and spend the next two hours in bliss with blue cheese naan, Khurchan Duck Cornetto and Mishti Doi Cannoli. Yum.

#LBBTip: Make reservations for this restaurant a good week in advance as they tend to get booked out fairly quickly.

Bamboo Shoots

Photo source: Bamboo Shoots Noida

Photo source: Bamboo Shoots Noida

Bamboo Shoots is spacious and ideal for large family outings. They also do a mean oyster sauce and fried rice with prawns. Sector 18 Noida has recently embarked on a mission to become completely wheelchair-friendly, and you’ll find ramps at most of the places here.

So much win!

All American Diner

Photo courtesy: All American Diner

Photo courtesy: All American Diner

There are a few stairs here and there involved in reaching All American Diner, but Nipun informs us that the IHC peeps are most helpful and go out of their way to ensure you’re comfortable.

So wheelchair or no wheelchair, the hospitality will keep you coming back. And the pancakes, of course.

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Featured photo source: Set’z