Editors posted on 6th October

Plan Your Shopping Day Right: Find Out Which Market Is Closed On Which Day

We know that it can be a damn shame to get all wired to go on a shopping spree, and then have to cancel. Here’s a handy list of which Delhi markets are closed on which day to help you plan in advance.

Sarojini Nagar

Closed on: Monday

Our favourite haunt on any given day, the place remains closed on Monday. Although, on the other hand, the best day to go is on Tuesday, since all the new stock comes in then. If you do end up going on a Monday, you’ll get second-hand and stolen things for 20 bucks and less.

Noida Sector 18

Closed on: Tuesday

From Colonel’s Kebabs to Kaffiiaa, from Burbee’s to Nizam’s Kathi, we are bowled over by Noida’s Sector 18 market. They have a lot of electronic stores and other pop-ups, which are closed on Tuesdays.

Connaught Place/Janpath

Closed on: Sunday

One of the most fun markets to traverse is the Tibetan Market in Janpath, and, unfortunately, you’ll find it shut on Sundays. Some of the restaurants in Connaught Place remain closed in the mornings and sleepily open during the evenings, but it’s better to give it a miss.

Chandni Chowk

Closed on: Sunday

While you have to miss out on Nai Sadak’s book market on a Sunday, you can check out the book bazaar and the chor bazaar during the mornings. Read everything about Chandni Chowk here.

Khan Market

Closed on: Sunday

Though the restaurants are usually open {Yay! More Big Chill for us}, you’ll find the smaller stalls and stores closed on Sunday. Our Khan Market Hood Guide may help you out.

Kamla Nagar

Closed on: Monday

Our favourite when it comes to shopping on tiny student budgets, Kamla Nagar is the place where new restaurants constantly pop up.

GK I & II M Block Market

Closed on:  Tuesday

Just like how GK1 M Block is just not traversable on weekends, you’ll find a ghost town thereabouts on a Tuesday. This sucks for all the college goers around the area, but hey, give them a rest okay?

Again, while most restaurants will be open, the offices and smaller stores are usually closed on a Tuesday in GK II. Here’s the hood guide for some help.

Jwala Heri Market

Closed on: Wednesday

This market is one of those typically unorganised Delhi shopping hubs, where you have to look closely for what you need, because there’s just so much to choose from! Jwalaheri can be a lot of fun, as we found out here.

Karol Bagh

Closed on: Monday

One of the oldest markets of the city that keep us going back for the chaos, Punjabi tailoring shops and jewellery stores. Gaffar market has a bunch of imported goods to check out. Karol Bagh FTW!

Nehru Place

Closed on: Sunday

Usually, Nehru Place is closed on Sundays, but you can find some loitering salesmen with cables, microphones et al, as well as some smaller shops that will sell you phone covers. The majority of the electronic work is stalled on a Sunday.

Kailash Colony

Closed on: Tuesday

While college students keep hanging out around the area even when it’s closed, if you’re looking for a grocery or fruit guy, they’ll probably be at home sleeping on a Tuesday.

Lajpat Nagar

Closed on: Monday

Asia’s largest place for salwars and suits, we keep going for the summery vibrant prints and the shops full of fancy kolhapuris and flats. You’ll only find the churanwala and restaurants open in Lajpat Nagar on a Monday, though.


Closed on: Tuesday

This sweet little market has stayed on amongst all the malls that have come and gone. We love to talk about the new things that keep making their way here. But we suggest a day other than Tuesday to visit.

Kirti Nagar Furniture Market

Closed on: Monday

Planning to spruce up the house? A new couch maybe? A new dining set sound good? Well, you’ll get all of that and more {basically, everything related to furniture} at the Kirti Nagar furniture market. Don’t head there on a Monday, though. You’ll only find disappointment, not new furniture.

Rajouri Garden

Closed on: Wednesday

The West Delhi hub for all things shopping, Rajouri Garden is a market full of pedestrians with a profusion of shopping bags in hand. There’s no point going there on a Wednesday, you’ll only find closed shutters and your shopping dreams shattered.

Chawri Bazaar

Closed on: Sunday

If you’re feeling like diving into some jalebi, halwa, and other finger-licking street food, Chawri Bazaar is your respite. The market is also famous for its horde of wedding card printers, so if you’re a bride or groom to be, you might want to stay back and enjoy your Sunday elsewhere.

Laxmi Nagar

Closed on: Monday

Pack up the fancy footwear and go with the rugged ones, Laxmi Nagar market is a crowded affair when it comes to street food and shopping. The East Delhi market has been undergoing a makeover with the likes of Minion Cafe opening up shop. You don’t wanna go here on a Monday, though.

South Extension I & II

Closed on: Mondays

The fancy buildings and the shimmery lights of South Ex market really make it a sight when you’re out there. You’ll also find some amazing eateries if hunger pangs are starting to creep up. If you’re planning on going for a shopping run, you’d better avoid them Mondays. The food joints remain open, though.

Shankar Road

Closed on: Mondays

When it comes this little market, don’t be fooled by its size. You’ll find electronics stores, foodie havens {specially street food}, repair centres, and shopping joints – this market has it all. Here’s a tip: Try Peshawar’s aloo puri for a breakfast kick. The market does remain shut on Mondays, so make sure your plans are sorted.

East Patel Nagar

Closed on: Mondays

Flush with hookah bars, tiny cafes, grocery stores, and fruit vendors, East Patel Nagar market never seems to be empty. You’ll find it deserted on Mondays, so don’t get make any concrete plans just yet.

{With inputs from Tushar Thapar}