Move Over Colleges: 8 Sites To Learn A New Skill For Free

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With Covid-19 affecting everyone, it is the time to pick up a new skill. You can spend time and money or enroll for a course in the city, or you can do it for free online. Here are our picks for the best resources online to finally learn rocking those guitar solos at. 

Khan Academy

Khan Academy was started by Salman Khan (not that one), a Bangladeshi-American educator with a simple aim to redefine education and make it more accessible to everyone across the world. From coding to photography to graphic design, Khan Academy has interactive tutorial videos for almost everything academic for free. 


Duolingo is an app that should be on your phone right about now if you’re looking to learn a new language. Probably the first free language learning tool that actually helps you, Duolingo works because of its interactive approach to language and unique ways it teaches it to you. You might not be able to physically go to various countries but you can sure learn their language for future purposes. No harm, no foul. 

Check out the website or download the app on your respective app store.

BBC GoodFood

While you may already know about this, the size of their recipes collection needs a mention here. Whether you want to whip up that perfect dessert for the dinner party or just want to experiment with cooking in solace, this one won’t disappoint. The best part? It’s all free!

Let’s Make Robots

Let’s make robots is a platform for budding robot-makers across the world to share their designs and learn from what other people are making. If tinkering with gadgets and robots are things that even remotely facinate you, you won’t hate this one at all.

HubSpot Academy

Given how the world is moving towards online practices, if you want to learn and gain a few skills in online marketing and sales then you should definitely sign up to HubSpot Academy. They offer a great bunch of online course in Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Inbound sales and more. Each course is divided into tiny video tutorials that are not more than 15 minutes. After having completed the course, you will be required to give an exam in order to receive their certification. 

This is a great platform for all those looking to pursue their careers in Digital Marketing. 


Be it learning Japanese from home or starting your own online business, Alison is a great space for growing professionally. They offer plenty of online courses including the ones in music, photography and even makeup artistry. So, you can even work up on your hobbies in an attempt to get better at it. 


Whether it's learning how to master a thin crust pizza or the basics of blogging, Skillshare is another online community that has thousands of free courses that you can try out. Their basic video tutorials usually finish in 20 minutes or under and the extensive ones go on for about an hour. It is extremely beneficial for all those figuring out if they're good at playing the piano or illustrating digitally. 


One of the most sought-after platforms that helps connect industry leaders and other teachers with the rest of the people, TED-Ed has many lessons covering subjects ranging from Science & Technology to Language & Literature. With interesting talks like Plato's Best and Worst Ideas, there's so much one can learn from these educators in just minutes. They also have interactive lessons and animated video content that make it even more fun. 

Apart from highly informative lessons on each subject they also have video tutorials that will help you get started with different skills. Whether you want to become a beat-boxing champ or are looking to get started as a DJ, they have quite a few of these fun video tutorials as well. Like they say, there's literally no end to learning. 


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