Leather Wallets And Bow-Ties For The Sophisticated Man At Forth Goods

    Aakanksha posted on 05 August


    Blending chic style and functionality, Forth Goods’ leather products will give you men plenty of reason to pull out your wallets. Ladies, you’ll need to wait a bit.

    Keep It Classic

    The brain-child of Varun Panesar, Forth Goods started off as a passion to make something functional yet sophisticatedly designed. With minimalistic product design and fine material, the wallets and bow ties of this online store were born. Currently, their collection begins and ends at just that, but what the e-store lacks in quantity, it makes up in quality. That’s possibly why it’s called Forth Classics.

    Wallet Friendly

    Panesar says the leather used in the products is vegetable-tanned, so we’re hoping that they’ll get better with age as they’re meant to. We have our eye on the Type 1, dark tan wallet. You want to know why? Because apart from room for about six cards, it’s just supple enough to store those dratted coins. There’s a black version too, and both the colour options have woollen felt lining. See, we told you you’d want to show it off.

    For those who don’t mind something slightly bulky, The Forth Type 2 wallet {black or light tan} has three layers and slots for your multiple cars {you hotshot, you!}. And, there’s even a hidden layer for a key, if you don’t like to wander about with a jangling bunch.

    Take A Bow {Tie}

    And now lads, here’s how to spruce up your daily look; with a bow tie, of course. Straddling the formal and casual looks, there’s three options to choose from; basic, twin narrow and twin wide {all made out of leather}. We’d pick the twin wide for that Barney Stinson look, men. Ladies you could wear it too, if you are going for that androgynous look.

    We can’t wait for the women’s collection to arrive; we’re hoping for wallets, belts and bags.

    Where: Shop online here

    Price: INR 1,200 upwards

    Find out more about them here, and follow them on Facebook here.

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