Legally Sinful In Nirvana Courtyard For Traditional Home-Made Cakes

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Legally Sinful is a pristine, pretty and pastel bakery opened by a self-schooled pastry chef, but there’s nothing amateur about anything here.

Home-Made Happiness

There is a selection of old-school cakes, like how our mums made them. Don’t miss the staples: Date and walnut, apple, carrot and the lemon drizzle, all of which deserve a second helping if not more.

If you still have space, choose the chocolate-filled doughnuts, which are fluffy perfection in every bit. We suggest you heat them just a wee bit, because melted chocolate fillings only make things better. Notice the handwritten labels with all the treats, which kind of make the whole experience more endearing.

Cleverly Creative

For those of you who want a different level of old-school, gor for their pineapple pastry/cake with loads of whipped cream, but we especially loved the strawberry cake, with its coulis topping.

You can also order cakes for special occasions {preferably a day in advance}, especially if you want those highly-expressive fondant ones. We saw a Starbucks one made for a coffee addict, and figured that a cake like this would be ideal for most of us.