Time To Amp Up Your Gifting Game With This Luxury Gifting Studio In Delhi

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Lemon & Lilac

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What Makes It Awesome

Long gone are the days of regular chocolate boxes and poorly executed gifts. Delhi-based Lemon & Lilac Gifting Studio is taking customized gifting to a whole different level with their range of luxury gifts in an elegantly packed box. Lemon & Lilac is the brainchild of a former brand consultant, Nehel Punihani, whose love for gifting and an eye for details drove her into starting her own luxury gifting business. 

Based on the preference and occasion these gift boxes could either contain two-three products or as many as ten-eleven. These gifts go beyond your conventional mugs and cards. We're talking Nappa Dori's signature ruled notebook, French Press Coffee Machine, Atmosphere Kombucha's (divine) flavoured Kombuchas, Scented Candles from Bath & Body Works and so much more. These folks also have some delightful snacks and beverages too, in case you need to include that in the box. 

Folks here let us customize these gift boxes as well (woohoo). We can either choose products from their list of handpicked items or get them to make a box of our favourite things. These boxes are priced according to the products that go in it. However, their ready-to-ship ones start at INR 3,000. 

They are currently retailing through Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp. But we're told that their website is currently in progress and should go live soon. In case of any queries, you can reach out to the team and expect a timely response. Well, don't wait up and go check them out - you won't be disappointed. 


Worried about not being able to visit your loved ones on special occasions? Get these gift boxes delivered right away because Lemon & Lilac is shipping all across Delhi NCR (yay!). 


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