Lemon Chicken & Butter Naan Party? Call Sohan Chicken Corner

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Sohan Chicken Corner is a small takeaway and home delivery joint in Malviya Nagar whose Lemon Chicken and butter naans have had people polishing off their plates clean as a looking glass.

Meat And Greet Fellow Carnivores

There’s little that comes close to rivaling the joy of cheap non-veg food and Sohan wins in this department big time. The place is also liberal with the spices, so it’s a must for those who like their meat hot.

No Frills

On a scale of 0 – 5, this place will probably rank minus one on ambience, but this shouldn’t scare hardcore foodies who’d happily go for the menu than the curtain trimmings. It’s located on a busy road and the surrounding shops make it look like a junkyard. There’s no seating here, so you’d either have to eat in your car or call for it home when homies self-invite themselves to your pad.

So Much Butter, Bro

Like I mentioned, it’s criminal to walk past this place without stopping by for their Lemon Chicken. What does the trick for me is the oodles of Amul butter in the dish and the curry that’s different from every other curry you might have tried so far; the amalgamation of spices is near-heaven.

I have been enjoying this preparation for almost 15 – 20 years now and the chicken has never failed me {full marks for consistency!}.


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