#LessAndMore: Infusers To Posh Up Your Tea Drinking Experience

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If you’re the type who loves attaching a ceremony to tea drinking, then our selection of tea infusers will please even the fussiest of tea drinkers. Whether you’re broke halfway through the month or you’ve been too lazy to spend your money, we have a tea infuser to suit your budget.

For Less: Little Man Tea Infuser

Take this little man’s pants off {yes, literally}, fill it up with tea leaves, put the pants back on. Dunk it in your cup of hot water, and you’re good to go.

Price: INR 169

Buy it online here

For More: Chef’n Tea Infuser And Saucer

This cute tree, er, tea infuser comes with a saucer attached to it. So once you’ve filled it with tea leaves, dip it in your cup the other way round so the saucer covers your cup and doubles up as a lid.

Price: INR 1,431

Buy it online here


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