#LessAndMore: Seriously Cool Notebooks For The Writer, Scribbler, And Doodler


    Writing your feelings, doodling your imagination, or scribbling down those random thoughts, putting pen to paper can be exceptionally therapeutic. If you’re as fixated on stationery as we are, then you definitely need to get these.

    For More: Moleskine Notebook

    A first-time Moliskine user will become a loyalist the minute pen touches paper. If old-school is your thing, a Molskine’s the thing for you. Aesthetics, design, flexibility — it’s got everything.

    It’s also said that the likes of Oscar Wilde and Ernest Hemingway used books similar to this piece of art. Minimal design and ivory pages — this truly is a luxury.

    Price: INR 2,379

    Buy it online here.

    For Less: Rubberband Notebook

    Coloured pages FTW, guys! This notebook comes with totally awesome yellow pages that are smooth to move your pen on and is easy to carry. These will seriously inspire you to write, draw, sketch or whatever it is you do best. Mumbai-based Rubberband is a pretty good alternative to the Italian Moleskine, if you’re on  a budget.

    Price: INR 445

    Buy it online here.