#LessAndMore: Which Red Lipstick Would You Pick?

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The Trend: Red Lipstick

Of the very few beauty trends that have no expiry date, the red lips probably tops the list. And no, there’s nothing subtle about this—it’s bold and if not done right, can look supremely horrendous {believe us; we’ve seen it}. But if done right, it can kick every other look’s ass. Why, look at Dita Von Teese, Scarlett Johannson, and Taylor Swift, all of whom have owned the look, and how!

Whether you’re a beginner at this trend or a pro, we have picked out red lipsticks for you at two different price ranges. Go pick the one that suits your budget, and paint the town red!

For Less: Lakme 9 To 5 In Crimson Catch

Why: Our Food Editor Navni says that this cool-toned shade should work for most skin tones. While it isn’t exactly subtle, it’s not very loud either, which makes this a really good budget pick. Bonus? It stays on for quite a while, but you might want to put on a bit of lip balm underneath because it can get dry.

Where: You can buy it online here.

Price: INR 450

For More: MAC Ruby Woo

Why: A cult favourite for many around the world, MAC Ruby Woo is touted to be the perfect shade of red lipstick out there. This shade falls right in the middle of cool-toned and warm-toned {which means it should suit all skin tones}, and love it for being so gloriously matte. A lip balm underneath is a must though.

Where: For a complete list of MAC stores in Delhi NCR, click here.

Price: INR 1,450


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