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Let Your Hair Down | Kamini Aunty's Hair Remedies

Editors posted on 23rd August

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Hair is a woman’s crowning glory. A bad hair day can put the best of us in a shitty mood, and there’s fewer things more relaxing and rejuvenating than an oil massage, wash and blow dry.

Add to that heated rollers, hair irons, curling tongs, hair gel, hair wax, hair spray, sweat from the gym, and the monsoons – and you’re probably looking at a fair few strands {or clumps} of hair on your bathroom floor after a shower, or in your hair brush.

Let’s face it, hair thins and/or falls with age, and stress, and childbirth, and monsoons, and reasons we’ll never ever know. Having been through and seen some scary {aka life stopping, panic inducing} hair loss, we feel like this weather is the perfect time to introduce you to the lady who performs nothing short of a miracle.

Presenting Kamini Aunty, popularly known as just Aunty. At Aunty's, don't expect fancy seating, lilting music, reclining chairs or uniformed staff. What you can expect are lovely friendly girls, each one more polite than the other, who will listen to your hair loss fears and woes for hours, session after session, and always reiterate with confidence that they will get it under control.

And they aren’t kidding.

Aunty develops her own oils, shampoos, hair packs, and conditioners {aka milk tonic} with all natural products, that clean out dandruff, control hair fall, and encourage re growth. Of all hair loss products we’ve tried, {and these include some big names}, this one’s safe and all natural, and we’ve seen crazy results! We’ve also bumped into the who’s who of Delhi at this modest parlour {if that was the validation you needed!}.

Be warned though – those oils do not smell pretty, but it’s nothing a few extra shampoos can’t get out of your hair. The milk tonic is a super detangler, and leaves the hair super soft. The shampoo can dry your hair out with repeated use, but nothing a little switch up {with shampoos} can't fix, so you can then revel in washing a fuller head of hair.

A typical hair session involves an oil massage, {they follow specific techniques so as to target your roots}, a hair pack, a wash and a blow dry. The whole process lasts about 90 minutes; they recommend you leave the pack in for about half an hour. Aunty's place also does a great vatna, and facials and face packs made with all natural herbs and products. We're fans of the iced masala nimbu pani, which goes perfectly with the oil massages that sent us into a lovely trance.

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Falling hair, dandruff, receding hairlines, hair thinning - Kamini Jha, {popularly known as Kamini Aunty}, has the perfect hair remedies. These include oils for various degrees of hair loss, hair packs, and different tonics, all of which she makes herself, using natural products, and sells only at her parlour.

Where: A 2/88, Safdurjung Enclave, Second Floor

Contact: 011 26173702

Price: Depends on the length of your hair. Expect to spend upwards of INR 800 {approx.} per session

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Kamini Jha beauty Parlour


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    Kamini Jha beauty Parlour