Bourbon + Egg Whites Or Aam Panna With Vodka? Try These 8 Iconic And Lethal Cocktails In Delhi

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The vodka soda, whisky water, and rum & Coke are bound to leave you feeling a little bland after a point. So, if you feel like your drink needs a bit more flavour and a lot more kick, try out these lethal and delicious cocktails around town.

LIIT At Social

Served in long test-tube like drinking apparatus, Social’s signature Electric LIIT is a surefire way to get wasted. Sip on one through the night and that should be enough to accompany you as you bust out the dance moves and eventually black out.

Strawberry Margarita At Delhi Club House

The fusion of tequila and triple sec with lime juice over an cool bed of ice? We were already sold over Margaritas before Delhi Club House decided to add a punch of Strawberry to the mix. Night out with the girls? Time to get drunk on the Strawberry goodness.

Bird Of Paradise At FIO Cookhouse & Bar

If you’re into iced tea and absolutely love alcohol, this fiery combination is just for you. The cocktail is a vodka and sparkling wine based drinks topped with iced tea, mandarin squeeze, and limoncello. You’re in for a doozy of a night with a couple of these.

Iron Man At Public Affair

Who doesn’t love drinking their drinks out of huge goblets? Iron Man is one such lethal drink at Public Affair in Khan Market. The drink is a mix of red wine, Bourbon, fresh lime, orange, cranberry, and cinnamon soda served in a bigger-than-your-face goblet. And did we mention it tastes absolutely amaze?

Dark Rum Winter Mojito at Mamagoto

Winter’s coming, people. It’s almost here. And there’s no better way to break in the cold weather than good ol’ Rum {Old Monk yaaassss}. Keeping in mind the need for rum in chilly winter nights, Mamagoto’s Dark Rum Winter Mojito {the most apt name ever} comes as the rum-filled respite when you need it the most.

Bourbon Toast At Perch

How does breakfast in a drink sound? No, we don’t mean a tasteless all-green smoothie. Bourbon Toast is a drink with bourbon, chamomile tea, orange, lime, and egg whites {much protien, wow} and Perch knows how to make it best. Ready to replace your morning coffee with a killer cocktail?

Bira Bomb At #nofilter

Beer lover? You gotta try #nofilter’s beer cocktails, specially the Bira Bomb. It’s a fatal combination of Bira, tequila and vodka and the hardest part of your night will be trying not to order repeat rounds of this amazing cocktail.

Pop Fashioned at Auro

Auro’s Pop Fashioned comes as a pleasant top up on the usual Old Fashioned. It’s popcorn infused bourbon whisky mixed with beer syrup and angostura. Imagine having this at the movies!


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