The Nutella Ferrero Cake At This Lajpat Bakery Will Make You Melt

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Let’s Bake Love is a three-month-old Lajpat bakery with swoon-worthy desserts and we’re (not so) guilty of having made way too many trips here. 

What Makes It Awesome

The cakes here are super easy on the eyes as well as the palette. We’ve tried quite a few of them, and there’s not a single one that we didn’t enjoy to the fullest.

The place was started by a young and adorable Sara Taneja, who went pro with this passion of hers while she was still in school. Keep her on your radar for your next special occasion (she takes customisation requests as well). Her signature cake and nutella ferrero cake are must-trys for chocolate lovers. But we’d also recommend her nutella love cookies, red velvet cupcakes, cake jars and signature cookie jars. 

Take note, for customisations you’ll have to give her an order at least a day before. 

What Could Be Better

That’s too soon to say since the place is quite new. 


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