Lex Do It: Simplifying Legalities for Rural Folk around Delhi

The information in this post might be outdated

We all know that the legal process in Delhi {actually, scratch that, India} is tedious, long and superbly confusing. And that is why, what Nishant Gambhir and his crew of friends are doing, is truly exceptional.

They formed Lex Do It {‘Lex’ means ‘law’ in Latin} in 2014 and there has been no looking back. Initially, it started with them going to villages around their law school {yes, they are real lawyers, so you’re in good hands}. They  helped people in district courts and tried to bridge the extreme information gap.

They have been running a couple of fantastic campaigns now that focus on “empowerment, education, better governance, and greater justice in our society.” Their campaign, Know Your Rights has been trying to educate the common man about rights through videos, illustrations, one liners and more!

We can’t wait for their Delhi videos on policemen, government and issues to come out soon.

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