Light It Up: 4 Light Shops To Check Out At Chandni Chowk

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None of us really pay much heed to lights and light fixtures, until it comes to doing up our own homes {or a rental space—you know what we mean}. It is then that we realise that something as basic as lights are not so basic anymore, and they definitely don’t come cheap, especially if you’re going to be buying in bulk to fit all over your house. In such cases, we feel the best thing to do is go the wholesale route. And what better place than Chandni Chowk’s famous market for lights, Bhagirath Palace, to do that?

Touted as Asia’s largest wholesale market for electrical and electronic goods, Bhagirath Palace has got a lot to offer, and we’ve shortlisted five stores for you to keep on your radar for the next time you need to go lights shopping. Let’s go.

J.P. Lights

This is one of the many tiny light shops here, located right near the entry passage of Bhagirath Palace, on the left. If you wish to spruce up your home with lights that are pretty but not huge or overwhelming, you’ll find quite a few options here. Check them out for single pendant lights in a variety of designs.

Where: 1885, Bhagirath Palace

Price: Starting at INR 400

Contact: 7042552663

Electro World

Are you loving the industrial look that’s been doing the rounds in lots of interior spaces lately? You’ll find plenty of single bulb pendant lights with wiry details in them that’ll go perfectly with that kind of setting. Best part—these are way cheaper than what you’d get at any other commercial light shop.

PS: They have some really cool bottle-shaped wall lights with broken glass artwork on them.

Where: 1850/6, Bhagirath Palace

Price: Starting at INR 250

Contact: 011 23873621

Samir Electricals

If you’re lucky enough to have a house in Delhi that has a lawn, garden lights are a must have. You’ll find everything from highlighters and gate lights, to massive lamp posts in shades of green, yellow, and more.

Where: 1565, Ishwar Niwas, Bhagirath Palace

Price: Starting at INR 650 for gate lights and highlighters and INR 7,000 for lamp posts

Contact: 011 23862494

Orient Electric House

Perhaps our favourite store in the entire market {which is saying a lot, because there are lots of shops here}, Orient Electric House has some of the most stunning collections of brass light fixtures we’ve ever laid our eyes on. Not only do they get top marks on the aesthetic front, but on the inspired design front as well. Our favourites include lights in the form of brass water taps and the mechanical parts of a cycle.

Where: 1861, Bhagirath Palace

Price: Starting at INR 1,500

Contact: 011 4564 1881

The Streets

A walk around the marketplace is sure to lead you to street vendors selling bulbs, tube lights, fairy lights, and more, all at wholesale prices. We found some super colourful plastic lights that had a very psychedelic look to them, mostly because of the trippy shapes they came in. These were super cheap too {around INR 150}, so if you’re on a tight budget, these will be awesome.


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