Sort Your Evening Chai Time With This Brand's Vegan Chutneys And Spreads

    What Makes It Awesome

    Made using simple ingredients and using an inventive style of cooking, Limited Batch By Mala is an online store that does delicious chutneys and spreads. 

    To start the brand, Mala got her inspiration from long road trips and in order to make sure that the final product turns out to be delicious, she does not combine unusual flavour combinations, but rather makes sure that the obvious ones come out tasting great. She works closely with local farmers and purchases ingredients directly from them. From her range, you can try Very Sharp Old World Mustard Spread or Banjara Chutney to get best of flavours that tempt your tastebuds. 

    Now, go, grab some matthis and your evening chai is in good hands!

    Price: Starting at INR 250

    PS - This brand's available to purchase on Shop on LBB!