This Slow Fashion Label Has Adorbs Dresses, Skirts & Saris!

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What Makes It Awesome

Little Things in Shahpur Jat has stylish yet quirky collections that offer something for everyone, whether it's their dressy skirts or simple dresses and saris! It is a label started by Ankita Srivastava, a textile designer from NIFT, New Delhi. She believes in making sustainable fashion stunning, comfortable, and definitely fun.

Unlike a lot of slow fashion labels, Little Things creates clothes with colours and prints that pop a little; so, picture mustard yellows and pretty pink stripes on easy flowing dresses or tops. In fact, their Lazy Lovers collection is one of their most colourful and playful, so we totally recommend you check that out. Other than this, they've got Postcards, Wild West, and Not So Perfect collections.

Our personal faves are the Not So Perfect and Postcards one. While Not So Perfect has fancy co-ords like the Scarlette Pants and Nancy Top or the Gabriella pleated skirt and Stacey top, Postcards has a more laid back vibe with its Lola sari, and mustard, balloon-sleeved, Lola dress.

Most of their garments are priced at around 6K and above. And the fact that they make sure to use fabrics such as Cupro (a fabric that requires a lesser amount of dye) makes the investment totally worth it. Most of their pieces are priced between INR 4 to 6K. 

What Could Be Better

Nothing really, the brand has an offline store too, so that makes it quite accessible.


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