Wanna Make Your Little One Happy? Little Canvas Knows Just How To!

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Little Canvas

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What Makes It Awesome

Want to bring that oh-so-precious gleaming smile or that wiggly giggle to your munchkin’s cute little face? Well, we know just what to do! Little Canvas is the ultimate dream destination for all your kiddo’s needs: be it toys, cutesy buntings, wall decor or whiteboards. Think colourful neem wood rattles, fancy unicorn storage baskets, abacus, tic-tac-toe & wooden toys! Little Canvas also has a plethora of play & learn cards, bucket hats, bookends, dohars & cot mobiles. We say, what better time than now to show some love to your tiny tots & spend some time with them?

Is your kiddo’s birthday round the corner? Little Canvas has a wide array of options for adorable gifts & return gifts too, from DIY colouring pouches & tote bags to backpacks & aprons! The best part? All of these can be coloured by the kids on their own using crayons, sketch pens or acrylic paints! All their products are 100% biodegradable, natural & handcrafted so your kid can use them safely without any health hazards. Trust us when we say this, you’ll fall in love with their collection the moment you set your gaze on their cutesy colourful offerings!


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