Here's Where To Catch A Live Gig In Gurgaon

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Alright, so when we’re indoors, we may not get to do the thing with our lighters where we sway from side to side at the end of a concert, but we’ll never get over our love for live performances. With the growing indie music scene {yay!}, we’re happy to see Gurgaon playing host to artists and bands that always manage to pack in a crowd. Here’s where to catch a live gig in Gurgaon.

Manhattan, The Craft Brewery

As hosts of last years United Unplugged Uttarakhand concert {organised to help raise funds for flood victims} featuring big wigs Rabbi Shergill, Advaita and Susmit Sen Chronicles amongst others, and of course everyone’s favourite comedy night in town, Manhattan has grown to be a rather popular venue for live performances and gigs. With a strong focus on variety, their programming can be a tad erratic; check their calendar before heading over.

Cocktails And Dreams, Speakeasy

Small and intimate with a winning cocktail menu, Cocktails And Dreams, Speakeasy is every jazz lover’s haven. They feature acoustic sets, with a heavy focus on jazz, funk and the blues, bringing us all our favourites from Sonam Kalra, to Adil & Vasundhara, to emerging favourites like Complicated Easy & Rie Ona.

Seating is limited and given the acoustic vibe, we wouldn’t have it any other way. Arrive early to grab the best seats in the house.

Hard Rock Café

This needs no introduction. Hard Rock Cafe is probably one of the few venues fully equipped for a live set. With the likes of Imogen Heap and Wolfmother having graced their stage, Hard Rock lives up to its long and rich lineage with big name gigs like Switchfoot as well as up-and-coming local legends like Play It By Ear.


For Rastafarian nights, chilled beer and good music, Gurgaon’s Raasta serves you well. Keep a close watch on their Facebook page – updated regularly with all the deets about upcoming gigs. They organise Band Nights every Sunday so that your week starts on the right note. Up and coming artists are featured regularly, so come out and show your support!


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