Pop, Rock, Bollywood, Classical: These 11 Spots Are Perfect To Perform, Or Attend Performances, In The City

The information in this post might be outdated

Over the last few years, music has become a staple to most restaurants, and cafes around the city. It’s made performers, and audiences come together like never before. These are some of the best places to perform, and catch performances in the city.


Set up a floor above Hauz Khas Social, the place has become a go-to spot for both Indian and international artists to come and perform at. The space is unique in the size and acoustic treatment it offers. Keep yourself updated on the artists performing here.

Zorba the Buddha

The amphitheatre-type setting along with a classy seating arrangement makes Zorba a classic in the music scene for performances. The sounds can be a bit varied, but when it’s good, it’s in a class of its own. The performances are bit interspersed throughout the year. Follow them here.

TC Bar & Restaurant

Another all time favourite, Turquoise Cottage has been at one point in time the only respite for rock musicians in the city, and along with regular Karaoke nights, it retains its rock roots, with a decent sound setup. The performances happen a couple of times a month, and you can keep yourself in the loop by visiting their page.

Hard Rock Café {Delhi & Gurgaon}

‘Nuff said? Hard Rock is renowned around the world for its music-centric approach to food and dining, and the Delhi and Gurgaon branches continue to be premiere spots for musicians in the city, but they do need to improve their sound quality. Sometimes the audience seems to overpower the sound of the band. Follow their page to stay updated.

Summer House Cafe

Perhaps best known for being the surprise spot for a mini-gig by Chris Martin, the place continues to provide a quality performance spot for indie bands across the country. They have a small stage, but the place does not compromise on the sound provided. Unless another famous musician decides to do a surprise visit, they keep all of their regular programs updated here.

Blues Cafe

A well-known spot for most musicians in the city, Blues Cafe has its own in-house band, and theme based nights and occasionally becomes a venue for outside performers. The place still retains some of the old school charm that Delhi used to possess.

Blue Tokai

This place is primarily seen as a cozy cafe tucked away in the lanes of Saidulajab, but it has over the past year or so, become a lovely location for performances. It has outdoor seating at the back and that’s where the performances usually take place. If they create a quality sound setup of their own, they would soon replace some places in this list. Follow the happenings here.

The Potbelly

The location at Bihar Niwas has a proper stage, and has created itself as a performance space especially encouraging first time performers. They host events intermittently, so find out more here.

The Piano Man Jazz Club

This place is the mecca for musicians in the city. The owner is a musician himself, and that always helps create the best atmosphere for performers. They have the most beautiful ambience, and if you haven’t performed, or been here to see performances, you’re missing out! They have something going on every day. Follow them here.

Oddbird Theatre & Foundation

One of the most beautiful places, both aesthetically, and in terms of the variety of performances that regularly take place here. Oddbird has carefully curated a ton of musicans, visual artists, and theatre practitioners of the city, and the audiences always head back transformed. Follow their regular events here.

Cherie One Qutub

Somewhere a cross between the past and the present, simultaneously evoking the feel of a Jazz Club, and a French Bistro, while basking in the shadow of the Qutub, the ambience of this place makes performances, a unique experience in itself. They have started hosting weekly music events, with a variety of musical genres lined up. For more, follow their facebook page.


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