Living The Ayurvedic Life: This Brand Gives Your Hair And Skin The Holistic Natural Care It Deserves!

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Vedic Tattva

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What Makes It Awesome?

Ayurveda, just like yoga, is a concept that has been around for thousands of years. It’s celebrated around the world for its holistic healing approach, sustainability and unwavering relevance in today’s day and age. One such brand that taps into the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda is Vedic Tattva. 

Vedic Tattva derives all its products from natural and organic resources that have highly nourishing properties. The natural oils and butters have the ability to penetrate deep into the skin layers, leaving it looking healthy, smooth, and bright! These products also heal the skin from the inside by curing and preventing any bacterial or fungal growth. All the products are handcrafted from natural sources such as seeds, flowers, roots, herbs or stems. The brand, moreover, adheres to a zero preservative policy as much of what they use, such as wood-pressed oils and pure turmeric, are naturally self-preserving. Their diverse personal care range consists of face care, body care, haircare as well as oral care solutions. In case you’re intrigued, below are some of the products from their collection that we can’t wait to try out! 

Mouth Oil: Oil pulling is an age-old Ayurvedic recommendation that aside from cleaning the mouth thoroughly, offers an effective daily detox for the body. It also pulls out toxins, strengthens gums, prevents tooth decay, infections and ulcers and aids digestion. A simple mouth-rinse with the oil each morning can help with so much! 

Face Cleanser: Being a dry, soap-free cleanser, it is as unique in its appearance as it is in its formulation. Just a single wash would yield a smoother and softer skin. Consisting of skin detox ingredients such as manjishtha and kasturi manjal, the cleanser helps with acne, pigmentation, dullness with more consistent use. 

Face Serum-Rose: a little whiff of this serum makes you believe that you’re, perhaps, ambling in a rose orchard on a summer night! As a gentle all-natural serum, a drop or two each day is sufficient for any skin type to start reflecting its benefits. It helps address skin sensitivity, rosacea, acne as well as pigmentation and marks. 

Body Oil: Himalayan Cedarwood: With a lovely warm-citrusy aroma, this body oil vitalizes you like your morning cuppa! Use it either before or after shower and say hello to a deeply nourished and supple skin!

Hair Serum: This comes in a small compact bottle and just 2-3 drops of it will make your hair look frizz-free, smooth, and healthy without any synthetic coating! Being an infusion of oils such as cedarwood and lemon in argan and jojoba oils, it is lightweight with a high absorbing quality. 

These are some of our must try out products and we can’t wait to order them! They are made on an order basis and packed in sustainable and aesthetic jars and bottles which enhances the customer's experience manifold! They’re also not that heavy on the pocket and a few drops of each product will take you a long way! 


Apart from their naturally healing qualities and being a great investment for the long run, they’re also really authentic and are made from the freshest and choicest ingredients. So, go check these out and order your stash now! In the meantime, Stay Home and Stay Safe! 


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