By Anandita Bishnoi

Mama’s Tiffin is a new concept by Mamagoto, taking forward their legacy of doing something unique with the food they already serve. Drop in for this quick, daily lunch, where you can choose a starter or soup, noodles or rice, and one main. The complimentary mocktail only makes it better! What’s on offer? Chambers of Shaolin, The Siam Box, and The Straits – three different meals, the flavour profiles being Chinese, Thai and Indonesian-Malay respectively. I decided to give all three Tiffin options a shot – looking to find my favourite amongst them.

The presentation instantly got my attention; the Indian notion of a tiffin is boxes stacked one on top of the other, but this was starkly different. The meal is laid out in bowls and plates and served on a wooden tray, at your table. Coming to the actual meals…

The Straits | The Asian Summer Chicken salad is chilled; the chunks of fresh mango make it perfect for the summer.The Sambal Chicken wrapped in a banana leaf is succulent and packed with flavour. The sweet chilli bamie noodles tossed with vegetables are a good accompaniment.

The Siam Box | The textures of the chicken, water chestnuts and cashew came together beautifully in the Thai Chicken Salad. The Steamed Fish with thai herbs melts in your mouth, packed with flavour and yet so light. The Soggy Chicken Rice was moist, and filling.

Chambers of Shaolin | If you like your honey chicken slightly sweeter than most, the honey chicken with bell peppers in this meal will be right up your alley.  The chicken in the schezaun sauce has a nice zing, and the  staple hakka noodles were good.

The Meal |  


The Winning Tiffin | 


Notes in our Little Black Book |

Mama’s Tiffin is a complete and hearty meal for one person, with a good variety of dishes. This lunch is extremely pocket-friendly, priced at a range of INR 329/- to INR 499/- depending on your choice of mains: vegetarian, chicken/egg, lamb or fish.

The three chosen dishes are served on a wooden platter, but can be served course by course, in case you don’t want your meal to get cold.

Where: Mamagoto outlets all around Delhi/NCR- Khan Market, Select CityWalk {Saket}, Gurgaon, DLF Promenade


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