You Can Try Chef Sarah Todd's Take On Indian Street Food At This Restaurant

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What Makes It Awesome?

So it's 10 whole years of Masterchef Australia, and for any food lover worth their mettle, the impact of this show is undeniable. The show produced some iconic figures in the food business, not just in Australia, but worldwide, and considering it has one of the highest viewership numbers in India, it's no surprise that one of their most memorable stars made her culinary story right here. Chef Sarah Todd is one of those naturally effusive people, whose charm extends in her food. All this while she's been in Goa {Antares}, but now you can experience her food right here in G-Town! That's right, The Wine Company's brand new menu has been revamped by none other than Chef Todd, and what a job she's done? Carefully thought out and a perfect balance between modern and comfort eating, these new dishes on the menu pair beautifully with the spectacular wine selection at a restaurant that made a brand out of a spirit. She's used local produce and sensibilities to create signature dishes that are wholesome, hearty, and delicious.

The menu reads like a dream, with all the right keywords, take the Wine Company Cheese Platter, for instance, such a steal for 4 artisan cheese with walnuts, apricots, grapes, and an apple wine jam, it's the perfect way to welcome a new season. Speaking of cheese, don't miss the Kalari, a local cheese from Jammu, that needed a reprisal just like this one, and as a starter, it is served flambed since it needs to be heated. Choose between Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian Mezze Platters, though I suggest you choose the meaty one, there's a lemon butter sole on there that deserves to be a dish all on its own. Or you could skip all that and go straight for Sarah's take on street food and dig into Tom Yum Golgappas, Soft Shell Crab Pakora, and my favourite, the Red Wine Duck Kulcha with Gorgonzola, just the kind of balance an aromatic cheese like that needs.

As you traverse the menu, you'll see the Chef's love for Asian food, Thai in particular, but there's a play with world food favourites like Goat Cheese Churros with Truffle Cream and Madras Curried Lamb Tortellini, and these are just the small plates. For the main course, go all out with the Quinoa Edamame Biryani or Nasi Goreng Cottage Cheese Steak, and for meat eaters, there are few dishes that are worth going back for again and again. The Miso Glazed Salmon, Butter Chicken Pastilla, and Kashmiri Style Pork Ribs note the play on local flavours of different regions which all tie in with the wines in stock, so keep asking your server for wine pairings with each dish.

A menu like this is likely to extend well into the afternoon or evening, so go prepared because, between wine and food, there is always dessert to consider. We finished our meal with Sarah's ode to her native country, the Lamington served with coconut ice cream, perhaps the only place in town to score one, so definitely have that, but if you're more of a chocolate-after-meals person, then the Brownie with Peanut Butterscotch and Belgian Chocolate Ice Cream is ideal, incidentally that has a gluten-free version as well. This is just the kind of energy the food at The Wine Company needed since their wine game has always been on point. They also serve an array of pizzas and pasta, but I say you keep those for a quick meal with a shared bottle on a busy weekday.

What Could Be Better?

This is what made it all better, even though the original menu was just fine, it’s after this change that you realise change is always good.

How Much Did It Cost?

INR 1,000 - INR 3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, and Bae.

Chef & Mommy! Personal Mantra: eat, run, repeat 💪🏼