Looking For A Pet-Friendly Cafe? Blue Tokai In Saidulajab Is Your Best Bet

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What Makes It Awesome

I hate that pet parents need to be holed up at home or a garden {at best} to hang out with their mutt. I'm so so glad to see more places crop up all over India that allows pets to step out with their human family for a meal/coffee.

My preferred spot in Delhi is the Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters in Saidulajab, especially of late, now that they've expanded their indoor seating space.

For starters, the cafe is located about 300 meters from the main road, which basically means your pupper can walk outside the cafe at ease and pee and poop, without the worry of cars driving up and down. They have an indoor and outdoor seating space, the food is downright delicious, and of course, the coffee is a winner.

What Could Be Better?

I'd love for them to have water bowls for dogs! Otherwise, everything about Blue Tokai is awesome.

What's My Pro Tip?

We ordered scrambled eggs on toast with a side of chicken sausage {the sausage was for our dog, Oliver} smoked salmon tartine, and I've previously had their crepes, savoury waffles and French toasts all of which are excellent.

From the coffee menu, the cortado and iced-latte are our go-to. Their food and coffee menu is extensive! So knock yourself out! :) You can take your dog on the premises for a walk as well.

Anything Else?

There's more than enough space in Blue Tokai now; so even if your dog is as social as ours, not to worry. There's room for all.

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