Try This Delivery-Only Joint For Some Delectable Starters, Chicken Curries, & Paranthas

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What Makes It Awesome

Spicy Patola is a delivery chain in Gurgaon that delivers some really amazing non-vegetarian dishes. I recently ordered two of their chicken main course dishes which were just amazing. The chicken was soft and was very well cooked. The tikka masala Gravy was perfectly creamy and complemented the mirchi paratha really well. Their kadhai chicken was a bit spicy just how I wanted it to be. I paired the kadhai chicken with lachcha paratha which turned out to be a good combination.

What Could Be Better?

I personally thought that the chicken could have been a bit more marinated.

What's My Pro Tip?

I would recommend everyone to try their chicken dishes like kadhai chicken and chicken tikka gravy rather than their mutton curries.

Anything Else?

They have two outlets in Gurgaon {one in Sector 31 and the other one in DLF phase IV} and both of them have a similar taste so you can choose the one closer to your place for a quicker delivery.

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