Lord of the Drinks for Winning Cocktails and a Gorgeous View

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Lord of the Drinks occupies a massive area in CP. Spread across two floors including a sprawling terrace; this is the place to head to when you want to experiment with cocktails and munch on delish bar snacks.


Tandoori Aloo, Keema Pav


Ace of the Swords in Love, My Passion


A gigantic terrace, complete with mist sprinklers, overlooking the busy streets of central Delhi

You shall not pass…

…outer circle without stopping and staring at Lord of the Drinks, which happens to occupy almost a whole block by itself. Climb up the stairs and you’ll feel like you’re entering a dungeon {except it’s upwards}. The dimly-lit stone stairway leads into a massive tavern of a space where you will find people drinking and making merry even on a weekday. Feast your eyes on the plush brown leather couches, the medieval-esque lighting, wooden tables and the heavily-loaded bar. If you peep outside, you’ll be greeted by a large red horse. Do say hello if you decide to step out for a smoke.

The eats and the drinks

A glimpse at the menu did leave us a tad disappointed due to the lack of LOTR references, but when we were presented with our cocktails, things started looking up. For those with a penchant for spicy, the Ace of Swords in Love is the perfect partner for the evening {it has bell peppers, coriander, OJ and lots of tequila}. For a sweeter taste, order My Passion and for all other intents and purposes, there’s the Kala Khatta LIIT.

The food menu is a mix of Oriental and Indian, with a special emphasis on Bombay specials like the Keema Pav {courtesy chef Dinesh who hails from there}. The Basil Chilli Stir Fry {paneer/chicken/prawns} is a universally-appealing dish but surprisingly, it was the Tandoori Aloo which stole our non-vegetarian hearts!

View FTW

If you’re visiting in pleasant weather {especially if you’re on a date}, we recommend booking a table on the terrace with its resort-like laid-back seating, and a stunning view of CP in all its glory. It wouldn’t be the worst idea to go a la Gollum and whip out your precious here.

Contact: +91 9999827144

Timings: 11am – 12.45am


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